The London Network of Nurses and Midwives

About Us

The LNNM works to support professionals working in inclusion health, to promote best practice and to develop inclusioon health as a distinct, recognised speciality. The network has evolved from being a purely nurse, midwife and health visitor focused network to include allied health professionals, support workers and peer advocates. Students are also very welcome.

We hold a bi monthly network meeting where we catch up and discuss current issues in inclusion health provision. We also run regular events focusing on topics of interest, or built around particular documents or projects. We also run a yearly conference, which was held in London until the COVID 19 pandemic. We are hoping to hold a face to face conference again in 2021.

The group also provides ad hoc informal support to members from within the membership.

The group maintains a website which is intended as a hub of information for members and other interested parties working in homelessness, has a Facebook page, and tweets on issues relevant to homeless health.

The group has achieved a increasing level of influence over the years, and currently sits on the Board of the London Homeless health Programme. We have also recently fed into the development of NICE guidance and been involved in presenting evidence to government and in policy work with NHS England.

Past achievements of the group include the first published homeless hospital discharge guidance, producing a Knowledge and Skills Framework for homeless healthcare, and presenting to the London Health Commission. Many of the members have also been published individually, hold key roles in inclusion health, and are influential in their own right.

You can see our most recent achievements and output summarised in our latest annual report.